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Summer Institute

The most significant aspect of the professional development of faculty is provided during our summer institute, a four-day workshop whose main goal is to open the possibility of our faculty to learn about the rationale, philosophy and benefits of First Year Learning Communities. This workshop gives them the opportunity to work with faculty from many different departments, to collaborate in the contextualization of content in their courses finding activities for the students that will foster their critical thinking and writing skills, and to incorporate technology to enhance learning. During the life of the project over one hundred faculty from different disciplines have been trained. These institutes have been run in collaboration with the Professional Development Advisory Council of New York City College of Technology (PDAC).

The Summer Institute includes workshops on:

  • • Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • • Effective Pedagogy
  • • Using Instructional Technology
  • • Joint Curriculum Planning
  • • Collaborative Learning
  • • The Role of the Emotions in the Learning Process
  • • Use of Support Services; Learning Center, Counseling
  • • Writing Across the Disciplines

Our faculty surveys consistently showed a very high level of satisfaction with all these workshops.

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