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The Companion for the First Year at City Tech

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The Companion for the first year at City Tech was written to help students meet challenges specific to their transition into college life. The Companion is divided into three sections.

Section 1: You.

This section asks students to consider their academic goals and study habits. Worksheets include:

  • • Goal Setting
  • • Tracking Success
  • • Time Management
  • • Seven Self-Assessment worksheets that enable students to consider their
  • own talents and skills

Section 2: The Formal System.

This section addresses the processes of registering for classes, GPA calculation, and school policies, in addition to other technical aspects of college life. The City Tech Handbook offers some of this information, but here it is presented in a pro-active manner that encourages students not just to be informed about these bureaucratic headaches and challenges, but to anticipate and plan how to deal with them.

Section 3: The Informal System.

This section addresses services and student activities at the college that are recommended but are not required. Our student body at City Tech, currently a commuter-based population, often sees these important opportunities as nonessential to their learning. We hope by presenting these opportunities as requirements for a fulfilling college experience, they will be considered so by our incoming students.

We’ve found these materials to work particularly well at the beginning of the semester when new students may be overwhelmed by the new information they are receiving and when instructors and students are all trying to get to know one another.

We hope that these materials will serve to make the college experience for our students more fulfilling and effective and a little less baffling. We welcome your feedback to better improve our future efforts in this endeavor.


  • The First Year Companion Team
  • Lauri Aguirre
  • A.E. Dreyfuss
  • Janet Liou-Mark
  • Jennifer Sears
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