Honors Scholars

Application for the Honors Scholars Program


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Honors in Regular Course Contract


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Honors Scholars Program Outcomes

Honors Scholars will . . .

Academic Inquiry

  • Do advanced academic work above the required standard two-year or four-year programs
  • Conduct basic and advanced research
  • Access and use appropriately an array of learning resources
  • Demonstrate enhanced oral and written communication skills
  • Synthesize and analyze information from various sources
  • Present a portfolio of honors activities and achievements

Transformative Leadership

  • Demonstrate leadership in an academic and community settings
  • Employ appropriate leadership styles in a variety of situations
  • Show a record of leadership experiences
  • Display confidence for future leadership opportunities

Cultural Responsiveness

  • Demonstrate understanding of the diversity of global cultures
  • Enhanced knowledge of the arts
  • Display a record of cultural experiences

Community Responsibility

  • Develop a sense of citizenship
  • Display a record of participatory experience in service and community related activities
  • Be prepared for continuing and increasing community involvement
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